Hi, I'm Britt! I'm a family and portrait photographer specializing in Children's Heirloom Art. I am passionate about preserving life’s joys to enjoy for generations.   I will turn your family memories into classic, timeless art for your home, that will elevate any interior space. 

Chicago's Northshore Classic Family & Children's Heirloom Photographer

"Your life is already artful. Waiting, just waiting for you to make it art."
- Toni Morrison

I'm interested!

BRitt's philosophy

I hope to shine light on the beauty and uniqueness of your family through the images I capture. I highlight the joy even amidst the, sometimes, frenzy of parenthood. I strive to create art that portrays connection, authenticity, and nostalgia.

While a "picture perfect" portrait is special, I equally aim to capture the perfectly imperfect. The authentic moments. I want you to feel the true personality of your family come through in your photos. Silly moments, serious moments, happy moments, comforting moments.

Whether in a sun-drenched room in your home, or a picturesque outdoor setting, I will provide specific direction at times and other times, allow your personalities to shine through organically.

My goal is to have you walk away with tangible record of your time together in front of my lens. From custom frames to professional prints, you will never regret the time spent with your loved ones away from the everyday distractions, and the art that is created for your home to last a lifetime. 

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” - dr. suess