Dresses for Mom: Spring Sessions

Spring is around the corner, can’t we all feel it? Or maybe I’m being overly optimistic. Either way, I know my clients are always looking for wardrobe inspiration for their sessions. I love Spring sessions, because the weather is usually not too hot, and the fresh buds, green grass, and sunshine makes everyone super joyful. That means, the photos are even more joyful and authentic. Wardrobe is such a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to a desired outcome.

New clients usually inquire and then hire me due to my aesthetic, colors, and overall feel. What some may not realize is, sticking to specific wardrobe recommendations is super important. I know shopping can be overwhelming, for those who don’t love it, but I have always invested my time with clients, helping them select wardrobe that suits their needs and matches my aesthetic. Now I am making it even easier by incorporating frequent blog posts right here on Britt Jensen Lifestyle, and fashion finds on the Like to Know it app. Search for me (BrittJensen) and give me a follow so you don’t miss anything!

Moms are the focus of family photos, so it is so important that you, momma, have a new piece that feels and looks amazing. If you’re investing in family or motherhood photos, it’s important to have wardrobe that will look stunning and classic for years to come. Here are some of my recent favorites. Happy shopping!

Click on a photo and shop my favorites, right here!