Gardening at Home

While we are all quarantined to our homes, we need something fun to do to take your mind off of all this, and that is good for the soul. We also need something that knocks out multiple subjects for those homeschooling lesson plans. The answer is to garden with your kids. If you live somewhere like I do, where the weather is still bitter cold, you can still make a real garden indoors, play a garden board game with your kids, and do some creative playing with pretend gardens in prep for when the weather is warmer. You can also pot a lot of your plants inside and watch them grow. Then, plant them outdoors once it is warm enough and continue your adventure. There are so many ways to tie this in to your child’s school curriculum, whether it’s making scientific or artistic drawings, measuring the height of seedlings, figuring out how much taller your plants get each week, learning about photosynthesis or farming, laying foundations for nutrition and healthy eating, discussing the life cycle, and doing some research and journal writing about it. I think it’s such a great way to tie in so many content areas, spanning across the grade levels, while making it interactive and real! Check out some gardening finds and shop the links directly below. I’d love to see what you end up doing, so don’t forget to tag me @brittjensenphoto! Happy gardening!